Prices and Perks

How does Averroes Academy for business work?

The best courses at the best prices

You decide which plan is best for your organization. Buy up to 50 logins for Averroes Academy courses or contact us if you need more. Enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts.

Always be in control

You will have full control of any logins for Domestika courses you buy from your account. You can assign them however you want among members of your organization.

Assigning logins

Assign each login you have bought to whomever you want. You just need their email address. You may distribute the logins among the members of your organization however and whenever you want.

Redeeming logins

Members of your organization will be able to redeem the logins that have been assigned from their own accounts.

Course Certificates

When members of your organization complete the courses, they will obtain a certificate of attendance.

Personalized service

You can count on us! We will help you, your organization and its members. Which course is best for you? What tools do you need? We will be with you all the way.